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  • Healthline and NORD are teaming up to launch the 2018 Stronger Scholarship, a program that aims to empower college students making a positive impact on rare and/or chronic diseases. Four applicants will be granted a $5,000 scholarship each to pursue their efforts in helping individuals with these conditions—either through research, patient advocacy, raising awareness, or community building. Learn more about the scholarship and how to apply at Healthline.

    ●      Application period: March 1  – May 1, 2018

    ●      Funds distributed August 2018

    ●      Eligibility

    ○      Enrolled in an accredited U.S. program for Fall 2017

    ○      Minimum 3.0 GPA from most recent transcript

    ○      Demonstrate leadership and community involvement

    ○      Demonstrate a connection to rare and/or chronic disease

  • The SCAG Scholarship Program is designed to offer local government and planning experience that students can use to develop long-term career goals. The scholarship will provide a $4,000 scholarship award for seven high school or community college students from the SCAG region (and potentially an additional eighth scholarship award that is not tied to a specific county, but would be awarded at the Committee’s discretion) and a two-week internship with a local planning agency, council of governments or SCAG. Recipients will also have an opportunity to meet with their local government representatives and practicing planners to discuss the importance of urban planning and a future career in public service. There are seven scholarships available that include $4,000 and a two week internship. Applications are due April 27. Fullerton College is in the SCAG region, so all students meeting GPA requirements should be eligible. You can find more information and the application here. (This scholarship program was recommended by a Fullerton College alumn who received scholarships through the Fullerton College Foundation.)

  • Aperture Education Scholarship - Details: Aperture Education is offering a $1000 college scholarship to an individual who can provide an essay on our given topic. Eligibility: A highly motivated individual aged 16 to 22, who is beginning or continuing their college enrollment.Recipient: Voting will take place for the best essay. We will evaluate the top 3 essays with the most votes and select a winner. The deadline for submissions is December 1st. The winner will be announced on our blog and contacted via email.About Aperture Education: Aperture Education is a brand new social enterprise focused on addressing the whole child. Its social-emotional learning (SEL) solution, Evo Social/Emotional, is based on the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA), a standardized, strengths-based measure of critical social and emotional skills such as personal responsibility, self-management, relationship skills and healthy decision-making.
    More details about the essay and the submission process can be found at: Submission Deadline: May 1st 2018 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • YWCA of North Orange County--Scholarships
            Thurmond Scholarship - The YWVA of North Orange County is offering the Thurmond Scholarship for returning female students attending Fullerton College or California State University Fullerton that are working towards their degree to be completed no sooner than the end of Spring Semester of 2019, and has a financial need. Application due May 7th, 2018.
            Joan and Burnie Cohen Scholarship - primary goal is to help women who have the greatest financial challengest o continue to move forward in their education and gain skills that will result in employment and self-sufficiency.This scholarship is restricted to students attending Fullerton College. Many achieve self-sufficiency through trainingand educational opportunities offered at Fullerton College or will move forward to California State University with a four-year degree in their chosen field. Application due May 8th, 2018.
  • ZipRecruiter Scholarship - is offered throughout the year. EVERY 3 months we have a new winner to receive a $3,000 reward. The next deadlines are June 30th and Dec. 31st of 2018. We will reward the most creative one-page submission about their job/internship opportunities in their hometown/college-town - we will also recognize runner ups as ZipScholars on our website. 

  • Live Your Dream Awards- are for women who are the primary financial providers for themselves AND their dependent(s). Applications for the awards will be accepted between July 1 and November 15. Download the application and reference form at these links.

  • At BigRentz, we understand that the future infrastructure of our society will be designed and created by the next generation of engineers, and with that in mind, we are very excited to offer Fullerton College Foundation students the opportunity to receive a $5,000 scholarship to further their education in the engineering field.

    More details about the scholarship:

    • Open to current and prospective students studying a variety of engineering disciplines with a GPA of 3.0 or above.
    • Applicants may be a senior in high school, an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate student to be eligible
    • Application deadline is August 3rd, 2018
    • Requires an essay submission of 750 - 1500 words
    You can view all the information about the scholarship and how students can apply here:
  • California Student Aid Commission - student and parent resources to assist in obtaining a higher education.
  • Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest - Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt.
  • - Financial Aid and Comprehensive Scholarship Database.
  • Tobacco Free Life Academic Scholarship awards $8,000 in scholarship each year to students who share their stories of how quitting smoking helped change their lives and their views on how we can create a smoke-free world. 
  • The World is our Campus - The Study Abroad Program for Fullerton College and Cypress College.
  • The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship - Gilman Scholarships are for undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens who receive Federal Pell Grant funding for studying abroad. All interested students must contact Fullerton College Professor Doug Eisner.
  • - Financial Aid and Comprehensive Scholarship Database.
  • California Student Aid Commission - student and parent resources to assist in obtaining a higher education.
  • LA Tutors - offers a $500 monthly scholarship to students across the U.S. and Canada. For criteria and further information visit their website.
  • Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest - Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt.